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AB0196 The frequency of popliteal cyst in ra patients – ultrasonographic assessment
  1. MR Kowalski
  1. Rheumatology, Medical University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland


Objectives The goal of the study was to assess the frequency of Baker’s cyst in rheumatoid arthritis patients in comparison to other groups of patients and healthy persons.

Methods With the real time ultrasonographic device with 7,5 MHz linear probe we examined knee joints of a group of 60 RA patients; 30 health persons served as a control group; the second control group were 60 perimenopausal women.

Results We found Bakre’s cysts in 25 out of 60 RA patients (in 5 cases located in both knees). Among healthy persons there was one person with diagnosed popliteal cyst. In a group of perimenopausal women there were two patients with the cyst.

Conclusion This study shows the frequency of Bakre’s cyst in RA patients in comparison with other groups of patients. Although the study was conducted on a limited number of patients it can give us an estimated data on Bakre’s cyst frequency in RA patients.

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