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SAT0163 Risk factors related to low heel bone mineral density in postmenopausal women
  1. JA Román-Ivorra,
  2. L Abad,
  3. C Fernández-Carballido,
  4. JJ Alegre-Sancho,
  5. B Pérez,
  6. A Pérez
  1. Rheumatology, Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset, Valencia, Spain


Objectives To analyse the relationship between risk factors of osteoporosis (OP) and heel bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women in a Mediterranean area.

Methods 170 postmenopausal women were consecutively selected for an osteoporosis screening. In all women we collected the following data: age, BMI (body mass index), years since menopause, pregnancy, breed-feeding, maternal hip fracture; use of coffee, alcohol and tobacco; daily calcium intake, sun exposure and previous fractures (distal forearm, vertebral, hip and other non-traumatic fractures). A measurement of heel BMD was done in all women with PIXI bone densitometer (Lunar). Dorso-lumbar x-rays were reviewed in all patients. Chi-square, Student or Fisher tests were used for the statistical analysis.

Results Significative differences between patients with normal values of BMD and OP were detected only for the following risk factors:

Mean age (years)Mean BMIMean years since menopauseMother’s hip fracturePrevious Colles fracturePrevious vertebral fracturePrevious hip fractureOther non-traumatic fractures
Normal BMD (n = 62) 58.7 (8.7 sd)29.6 (4.4 sd)10.6 (10.6 sd)3 (4.8%)2 (3.2%)1 (1.6%)03 (4.8%)
Osteopenia (n = 59) 62.3 (9.6 sd)28.2 (4.5 sd)14.2 (9.3 sd)8 (13.6%)4 (6.8%)6 (10.2%)1 (1.7%)6 (10.2%)
Osteoporosis (n = 49) 69.4 (8.5 sd)27.8 (4.2 sd)22 (10.1 sd)9 (18.4%)10 (20.4%)8 (16.3%)3 (6.1%)10 (20.4%)
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Conclusion Previous fractures, mother’s hip fracture, low BMI, age and years since menopause are factors associated with low heel BMD. So, PIXI is a good method for OP screening in postmenopausal women.

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