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AB0192 Influence of exercise on bone mineral density
  1. SC Brankovic,
  2. NZ Pilipovic,
  3. P Vukojevic
  1. Physical Therapy, Institute of Rheumatology, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


Background Parameters of the ideal exercise programs, such as type, frequency, intensity and duration of activity are unknown. When women with sedentary way of life (< 30 min of exercise per week) began a strenuous training program, bone mass increased significantly. Regular physical activity may help to maintain skeletal integrity throughout life and possibly reduce the long-term risk for fracture. Exercise intervention may provide modest increases in bone mass, but after one year period of detraining, BMD had returned to baseline, indicating that exercise must be sustained for bone mineral improvements to persist.

Objectives The aim of study was to assess the effects of our exercise program on bone mineral density in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Methods We developed a exercise program in Institute of Rheumatology and the patients with low bone mineral density (BMD) exercised 3 times a week (for 4 weeks). After that period patients continued regularly with exercise at home. BMD was measured by dual x-ray absorptiometry (Lunar DXA system).

Results Group of 24 pts who only exercised without taking any drugs for osteoporosis, mean age 57,38 (46–73) years and mean BMD 0,915 ± 0,12 gr/cm2 with average T score -2,40 ± 0,98. The control DXA was done after average period of 10, 3 months. BMD was increased to mean 0,925 ± 0,10 gr/cm2 (1,5%), and T score to -2,28 ± 0,88 (3,7%), (N. S.) Sixteen patients with BMD 9,23 ± 0,07 gr/cm2 did not continued with exercising, and after average 11,7 months BMD was decreased to 9,04 ± 0,06 gr/cm2 (2,1%);(t = 2,21; p < 0,05)

Conclusion Our result suggests that exercise have a positive effect on BMD even without medical therapy. It is necessary to continue with exercise at home because BMD decreased more than returned to baseline.

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