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AB0177 Some determinants of bone mass amd bone geometry in women over 50
  1. O Lesnyak,
  2. Y Lesnyak,
  3. P Sarapultsev
  1. Department of Internal Diseases, Regional Hospital N 1, Yekaterinburg, Russia


Background The exact influence of different risk factors of osteoporosis on bone need to be assessed.

Objectives The aim of this study was to assess the influence of some anthropometric and lifestyle factors on bone parameters of forearm in women over 50.

Methods This was a cross-sectional study included 117 women of 50–79 y.o. Volumetric BMD (trabecular, tBMD, and cortical, cBMD) cortical bone area (CBA) and strength sustained indices (SSI) of radius were measured using pQCT (Stratec-XCT960). The relationship among several factors influencing the bone parameters was assessed using a multiple regression analysis.

Results The age was the independent determinant of cBMD and CBA. BMI positively influenced tBMD. SSI depended on age and height. The years since menopause were not significant after controlling for other covariables. Dietary intake of calcium and smoking contributed a little to variation in bone parameters. Strong predictor of tBMD was professional physical activity in youth (negative correlation), and cBMD, CBA and SSI were influenced positively by current professional physical activity.

Conclusion Thus, different mechanisms might be involved in compact and trabecular bone loss and geometric parameters.

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