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AB0167 Efficiency of rehabilitation in the old patients periarthritis
  1. EL Sidenco
  1. Rehabilitation, University Hospital Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania


Objectives We studied a group of 40 old patients with soft tissues sufferings (periarthritis) at the shoulder or hip. Patients accused pain and limited mobility, and at the clinical examination we found muscular hypotrophy and limitation of function in the shoulder or hip.

Methods We applied an associated kinetic programme of stretching-strengthening- control and co-ordination exercises in two different periods of 15 days, supported by electro-thermo-massotherapy. The valuations were made at the beginning and the end of the programme, on a clinical score of valuation obtained by the clinical parameters; the results were statistically processing.

Results We find from the beginning a large incidence of the periarthritis at the old patients (25,37%) and the preference for the women, larger in comparison with other ages (27 cases from the group of 40).

Application of the kinetic programme, physically supported, significantly improved the pain (completely for the spontaneous and nocturnal pain, and over 70% for the pain at the motion). Limitation of mobility increased over 63,6%, even the functional remaining is limited at the old patient and the real possibilities of the kinetic programme display can be limited by the associated pathologies. Muscular hypotrophy had a medium response (improvement under 33,7%), because of the limited biological capital and also the associated pathologies which imposed the adaptation of the kinetic programme to the real effort?s possibilities. Global function of the upper limb increased over 77,5%.

Conclusion We consider the soft tissues sufferings of the old patient indicated for the kinetic programme, adequately supported by physical proceedings; the associated cardiovascular diseases do not forbid the rehabilitation, kinetic programme specially, if the patients are well medically treated and the kinetic programme is well adapted at the real effort?s possibilities of the patients.

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