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FRI0246 The impact social, labour and psychological of the chronic low back pain
  1. FP Torres,
  2. D Ybañez-García,
  3. P Pérez-Caballero,
  4. M Morales,
  5. A Llópis
  1. Rheumatology, Hospital General Requena, Requena, Spain


Objectives To determine the social and psychological impact that exercises the chronic lumbar pain on the affected population.

Methods We carry out a longitudinal study with patients that demand attendance for low back pain (LBP). The selected patients were interviewed to determine if the pain exercised influences on their work, familiar life, sports, their economy and their social life. To determine the psychological impact it was valued which was the most important concern for the patient, the originated pain, the lesion or disablement, taking an abnormal life, the progressive worsening, the deformity, the lost of work or he didn’t have concern.

Results They were carried out a total of 485 interviews. They presented repercussion on their job 377 patient (77.7%), family repercussion 218 (44.9%), social repercussion 154 (31.8%), economic repercussion 107 (22.1%) and sport 309 (63.7%). Psychologically they had some type of concern 340 cases (70.3%) and they didn’t have any concern 145 (29.7%), it was the pain what more worried to a total of 125 (25.8%), not being able to carry out a normal life at 92 (19%); the progressive worsening and the disability worried to 10% of cases each one of them, being the deformity and the work loss what less worried 0.6% and 4.5% respectively.


  1. The most important repercussion in the LBP is the labour one and the less important one is the economic repercussion.

  2. The DLC worries majority of patients.

  3. The most important concerns for the patients were the own pain and not being able to carry out a normal life: what less worried it was the work loss and the acquisition of a deformity.


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