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SAT0118 Meralgia parasthetica in pregnancy
  1. MK Al-Izzi,
  2. A Sabri,
  3. L Saed
  1. Medicine-Rheumatology Unit, Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq


Objectives To study the association between pregnancy and meralgia paresthetica (mp), the entrapment neuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN).

Methods Three hundred and forty pregnant women were surveyed by history and clinncal examination in 3 major obsterric centres in baghdad for the presence of underlying mp and compared to a control group of 200 non-pregnant females.

Results Thirteen pregnant women were found to have MP (3.8%) in contrast to only one out of 200 non-pregnant women in the control group (0.5%), which was significant stastically (P = 0.019).

Most of the cases were in their third trimester (53.8%), then in the second trimester (38.5%), while only 7.7% of cases in the first trimester.

Conclusion MP in pregnancy is not a rare disorder but is often misfiagnosed. The aetiological factors in pregnancy may be mechanical and/or anatomical variations of the LFCN. However, this study disproves neither a hormonal nor a hereditary role in the causation of the disorder.

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