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SAT0112 Variations in population’s pyramids of patients with chronic low back pain in a rural area
  1. FP Torres,
  2. D Ybañez-García,
  3. P Pérez-Caballero,
  4. M Morales,
  5. A Llópis
  1. Rheumatology, General Hospital Requena (Valencia), Requena, Spain


Objectives To analyse the differences in the variables age and sex of patients with chronic low back pain, regarding the general population.

Methods It was carried a longitudinal study out of the patients that they went to the External Consultation of Rheumatology from the Requena Hospital (Valencia), demanding specialised attendance to present a chronic low back pain, sex and age were picked up. A statistical study was realised determining absolute and relative frequencies, and chi2 test with a level of trust of 95%.

Results A total of 483 patients were selected, males 146(30.2%) and women 337(69.8%), with a relationship female/male of 0.43. The mean age was of 55.82 ± st 13,32 and range 16–90. In women it was of 56,90 ± st 13,13 and in males of 53,32 ± st 13,47. It was found a significant relationship between age groups and sex (p < 0.05).

Abstract SAT0112 Table 1


  1. Prevalence of the feminine sex, with variations in the age groups. It was more accused after the 65 years old.

  2. Regarding the general population, the LBP it’s exceptional in patients minor of 35 years and it is more frequent in patients older than 46 years, existing the biggest differences in the groups 46–65 years old.


  1. Pérez MS. Diagnóstico de Salud Municipal. Requena. Area de Salud Pública. Diputación de Valencia, 1993:7–36

  2. Reumatos 90?. Estudio sociosanitario sobre las enfermedades reumáticas en España. Gabinete de estudios Pfizer y Liga Reumatologica Española. 1999

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