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AB0162 New measurement technique for platelet microparticles from the patients with total hip arthroplasty after total
  1. H Kikuchi1,
  2. M Saitoh1,
  3. M Oh1,
  4. H Nishisaka1,
  5. T Matsushita1,
  6. S Sohen2
  1. 1Orthopaedic Surgery, Sakai Hospital, Kinki University School of Medicine, Sakai
  2. 2Orthopaedic Surgery, Nara Hospital, Kinki University School of Medicine, Nara, Japan


Background Platelet microparticles (PMPs) including glycoprotein 2b/3a and 1b etc were activated by vascular injury, shear stress and other factors. Mainly PMPs play procoagulant activity which indicate the capability of attachment and thrombophilia. We demonstrated that the increasement for PMPs from the patients after orthopaedic surgery using flowcytometry.

Objectives To compare the new technique of the sandwich immunoassay method using against glycoprotein 1b with conventional flowcytometry (FACS, Becton Dickson) reported by Nomura et al.1 for measurement of PMPs at same time on orthropaedic patients.

Methods Collect the platelet rich plasma for each samples. The levels of PMPs were measured using immunoassay method and flowcytometry from five patients who received cement less type total hip arthroplasty, on before and after 1st and the 7th post-operative day.

Results The levels of PMPs before operation were 4.4–13.1/million platelets (FACS), 6.1–22.7/thousand platelets in immunoassay. Correlation between FACS and immunoassay for measuring the levels of PMPs was demonstrated (r2 = 0.457, p = 0.046). The ratio of PMPs increased 130–182% on 1st and 80–311% on 7th operative day.

Conclusion The new measurement technique using immunoassay method (select the platelet glycoprotein 1b) for PMPs is easy, quick and useful for the evaluation of hypercoagulative change from the patients after total hip arthroplasty.


  1. Nomura S, Nakamura T, Cone J, et al. Cytometric analysis of high shear induced platelet microparticles and effect of cytokines on microparticle generation. Cytometry 2000;40:173–81

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