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AB0146 Oxidative stress experiments with sinovitis and periostal acupuncture influence
  1. AG Kurygin,
  2. AA Kratnov
  1. Department of Therapy, Medical Academy, Yaroslavl, Russia


Objectives For analysing different methods of influence to immunological mechanisms of inflammation with arthrosis complicated sinovitis various clinical and immunological tests with 105 patients have been analysed. For testing redox regulation of neutrophils and antioxidizing ferment system plasma [AFS] hemiluminescenciya of the blood [XL], XL of the blood plasma with H2O2 [pXL], NBT-test have been used to define the contents of superoxiddismutase [SOD] in the neutrophils. The results have been analysed before and after the course of usual anti-inflammatory therapeutics and also together with periostal acupuncture.

Methods At ill with the various forms and the stages of arthrosis complicated sinovitis are presented a generality of changes oximetabolism neutrophils neutrophils and activity AFS plasma as the increase of its activity in compare with parameters of group of the control. The higher meanings oximetabolism neutrophils and SOD neutrophils are registered at ill female, and the activity AFS according to the data pXL of the blood plasma at men, that corresponds to distinction of clinical current of disease at different by weeding – “soft arthrosis to a condition” at men, that and painful arthrosis among women. The clinical distinction monoarthritis, arthrosis without knotes and knotes arthrosis at ill female proves to be true by distinction oximetabolism neutrophils, which consists in dynamics of growth of parameters of NBT test and XL of blood at the ill various forms. At the knotes arthrosis, as against other forms arthrosis complicated sinovitis, increase of parameters of the NBT-test is observed at backlog of growth XL of blood, probably connected with blockade receptors neutrophils by immune complexes, the quantity of which is increased in blood regular with growth of pain of the form arthrosis complicated sinovitis. At ill knotes arthrosis by the form of disease arises infrigment of antioxidizing ferment system, connected with absence of compensatory growth of activity neutrophils SOD and AFS plasma at increase of oximetabolism in neutrophils, observable at other forms arthrosis. Infrigment of AFS plasma and decrease microbicidal activity neutrophils at ill female with knotes arthrosis complicated sinovitis is supposed to be connected to violation in regulation lymphocytes and granulocytes. At the study of morphological structure of blood ill arthrosis increase of relative quantity lymphocytes and decrease neutrophils was found out at the knotes arthrosis at ill female, that is an attribute of painful process.

The given infrigment of morphological structure of blood at ill female with knotes arthrosis complicated sinovitis correlates with growth redox activity, that is possibly connected to induction aggregation neutrophils under influence of immune complexes. Violation oximetabolism neutrophils at ill female with knotes arthrosis complicated sinovitis is the most expressed in the age of 41–50 years old is probably connected with infrigment of gonad system at the women in period, previous menopause and corresponds to data of the literature on high activity arthrosis in this age. The changes occuring on influence laserotherapy are connected to amplification of activity AFS plasma, that occurs at photochemical reactivate by radiation laser ferum and copper contain ferments, at insignificant influence on oximetabolism neutrophils.

Results The greatest positive dynamics redox regulation of neutrophils and activity antioxidizing ferment systems at ill arthrosis occured at acupuncture treatment, as monotherapy, also in combination with diclofenac. Given changes were combined with normalisation of morphological structure of blood. Thus the periostal acupuncture effect is connected not only with the releasing of pain but also with immunomodulation mechanism normalising the neutrophils activity.

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