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AB0143 Gastroprotective effect of lansoprazole in osteoarthritis pa-tients long-time receiving diclophenac
  1. SA Alexeenko,
  2. EL Nikonov,
  3. AG Amathnyak
  1. Internal Medicine, Far Eastern State Medical University, Khabarovsk, Russia


Objectives To compare efficiency and safety of 4-week treatment by nimesulid, diclophenac and diclophenac in a combination with lansoprazole in osteoarthritis patients.

Methods We observed 167 patients (130 women and 37 men, mean age 54 years). During 4 weeks in the first group 74 patients received diclophenac 100 mg per day, in the second group 31 patients – diclophenac in a combination with lansoprazole 30 mg per day and in the third group 62 patients received nimesulid 200 mg per day. Before and after 4-weeks treatment were estimated of a clinical symptomatology, upper GI endoscopy, 24 h Òî-metry (Digitrapper MkIII, Synectics, Sweden), histological research of biopsy of a mucosa from antral part of a stomach. For a estimate of clinical effi-ciency was used a questionnaire of a quality of life SF-36.

Results The clinical efficiency of therapy by diclophenac or nimesulid in osteoarthritis patients was comparable. The frequency of development of erosions and ulcers of a stomach was higher at diclophenac group (41%), than at nimesulid group (24%). The combination of diclophenac and lansoprazole has allowed to lower frequency of development of erosions and ulcers of a stomach mucosa to 16%. Positive dynamics of morpho-functional of parameters of a stomach mucosa in lansoprazole group was found.

Conclusion Our results prove gastroprotective effect of lansoprazole. The application lansoprazole for osteoarthritis patients long-time receiving diclophenac is accompanied by positive dynamics morphofunctional parameters of a mucosa of a stomach, lowering of frequency of development of erosions and ulcers of a stomach.

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