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FRI0230 Clinical presentation of 475 patients with primary sjÖgren’s syndrome who where seen by the rheumatologists
  1. C Diaz,
  2. C Geli,
  3. C Diaz-Torne,
  4. H Corominas,
  5. M Moreno,
  6. A Rodriguez,
  7. JM Llobet,
  8. G Vazquez
  1. Rheumatology, Hospital de La Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain


Objectives Study the clinical presentation of primary Sjögren’s syndrome (pSS) patients in a rheumatology unit.

Methods 475 patients with pSS have been studied. European criteria was used for the diagnostic. Patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and hepatitis C were excluded. Demografic, clinical and laboratory data were taken following the protocol of the unit. Minor salivary biopsy was carried out on 90% of the patients.

Results 94.5% were women. Age was 63 ± 12. Years of evolution were 10 ± 13. More prevalent extraglandular manifestations were: Carpal tunnel’s syndrome (CTS), 40%; fibromialgy, 36%; intermitent non inflammatory arthritis, 36%; inflammatory osteoarthritis, 10%; thyroid’s disfunction, 25.4%; photosensibility, 20%; peripheric neurologic manifestations without CTS, 5%; central neurologic manifestations, 5%; haematological manifestations, 8; renal manifestations, 5%; vasculitis, 13%.

Rheumatoid factor (RF) was positive in 50% of the patients, ANA in 70%, antithyroidal antibodies in 27%, SS-A/Ro in 23% and SS-B/La in 11%.

37% of them come because of rheumatic manifestations, (14% fibromialgy, 14% arthritis, 5% inflammatory osteoarthritis, 4% Raynaud´s phenomenom, another 5% are athralgia and low back pain.) 30.5% come because of oral or ocular dryness and parotidomegalia. Other reasons for consultatioon were: autoinmmune cytopenia (5%), thyroidal disfunctions (3%), vasculitis (2%), and RF or ANA (2%).

Conclusion The most common reason for consultation were rheumatic manifestations. The second reason was the oral and ocular dryness. Analitical alterations (Cytopenias, RF, ANA) can be other reasons for consultation.

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