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FRI0221 Primary and secondary sjÖgren’s syndrome – respiratory involvement
  1. A Carvalheira1,
  2. P Ferreira1,
  3. J Figueirinhas2,
  4. L Ferreira1,
  5. J Vaz Patto2
  1. 1Pneumology -Hospital Pulido Valente
  2. 2Rheumatology, Portuguese Institut of Rheumatology, Lisbon, Portugal


Background Pulmonary disease is reported in both primary and secondary Sjögren’s syndrome.

Objectives In order to study the respiratory involvement we evaluated 52 patients with Sjögren’s syndrome.

Methods Fourty seven patients were female (90.4%) and five were male (9.6%).

The mean age was 53 years (range 26–80).

The median duration of the disease was 11 years.

Twenty four patients (46%) had criteria (European criteria) for primary Sjögren’s syndrome (A Group) and 28 patients (54%) for secondary Sjögren’s syndrome (B Group).

Rheumatoid arthritis was present in 20/28 (71%) with secondary Sjögren’s syndrome (B Group).

We used clinical, radiological and functional criteria for the assessment of respiratory involvement.

Results A total of 21/52 patients (40%) reported symptoms, 9 from A Group (17%) and 12 from B Group (23%).

Chest radiographs had evidence of abnormality in 21/52 patients (40%), 11 from A Group (21%) and 10 from B Group (19%).

Lung function impairment was seen in 15/52 patients (29%), 6 from A Group (12%) and 9 from B Group (17%).

Conclusion This study provides evidence that lung involvement is an important manifestation of Sjögren’s syndrome in primary as in secondary disease.

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