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AB0113 Analysis of clinical manifestations in patients with crest variant of scleroderma
  1. BM Kecman-Prunic,
  2. NZ Pilipovic
  1. Clinical Department I, Institute of Rheumatology-Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


Objectives The aim of the study was to ascertain frequency of clinical manifestations in patients with CREST variant related to skin involvement in SSc.

Methods Since 1993 we have treated 184 patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) at the Institute of Rheumatology in Belgrade. Within this group there were 51 (27.7%) – 49 females and 2 males, with complete clinical manifestations of CREST variant. Mean age of patients was 55.7 years and disease duration 10.9 years. Thirty-four patients (66.7%) had limited cutaneous SSc (lSSc) and 17 (33.3%) diffuse cutaneous SSc (dSSc).

Results Our results are in following Table 1:

Clinical manifestationsInterstitial lung diseaseRenal involvementHypertensionECG changesArthritisTenosynovitisResorption of distal phalanxUlcerationsSicca syndrome
ISSc 50.0%29.4%52.9%50.0%20.6%17.6%58.8%91.0%8,8%
dSSc 58.5%29.4%70.6%64.7%17.6%23.5%82.3%100%11.8%
Statistical significance NSNSNSNSNSNSNSNSNS
Abstract AB0113 Table 1

Conclusion According our results, visceral involvement in systemic sclerosis does not depend on distribution of skin sclerosis. So we think that CREST variant of SSc can be classified as separate form of scleroderma.

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