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AB0105 Dynamics of humoral immunity indices in systemic sclerosis patients depending on the therapy carried out
  1. AB Zborovsky,
  2. IP Gontar,
  3. AV Alexandrov,
  4. LA Maslakova,
  5. GF Sychova,
  6. OI Emelyanova
  1. Laboratory for Clinical Immunology, Research Institute for Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, Volgograd, Russia


Objectives The aim of our study was to improve immunological control of specific antibodies (Ab) dynamics in blood of systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients during the therapy carried out using immunofluorescent (IFA) and immunoenzyme (IEA) analyses taking advantages of immobilised magnosorbents (MS).

Methods The Ab towards denatured deoxyribonucleic acid (dDNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA), cardiolipin (CL) were determined by IEA method, Ab towards catalase (Cat) ? by IFA method in sera of 28 SSc patients using immobilised MS before and after hospital treatment. Immobilisation was carried out by method of emulsion polymerisation by Gontar et al. (1990) in nitrogen gas flow with magnetic material incorporation in polyacrilamid gel structure. All observed patients were divided into 3 subgroups: first group (32 patients) was treated with basic medicines (D-penicillamine, vasomotor medicaments, physiotherapy, exercises, massage, symptomatic therapy), second group (22 patients) – + glucocorticosteroids; and third group (14 patients) – + plasmapheresis (Pph).

Results There were not reliable decrease of studied Ab (p > 0,05) in first group by IEA method, except Ab towards RNA (p < 0,05). However, we noted reliable decrease of Ab towards Cat (p < 0,05 after the course of therapy by IFA. In second group we revealed the decrease of Ab towards dDNA and RNA (p < 0,05), while the dynamics of Ab towards Cat and CL were less evident (p > 0,05). The positive effect of Pph was noted in third group, where we revealed marked tendency to decrease of Ab towards dDNA (p < 0,02), CL (p < 0,001), Cat and RNA (p < 0,05).

Conclusion The decrease of Ab towards dDNA, RNA, CL and Cat were noted in SSc patients during hospital treatment that allow the use of these indices as criteria for therapy efficiency and its duration. The use of extracorporal treatment method ? Pph in complex therapy of SSc patients allow to achieve clinical improvement in patients side by side with significant decrease o f Ab towards dDNA, RNA, CL and Cat.

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