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EULAR and its journal
  1. L B A VAN DE PUTTE, Editor of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
    1. T L VISCHER, President EULAR

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      The June 2001 Congress in Prague is the second annual Congress of the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR), following the first successful congress in Nice last year. This is also the second year with the Annals as the official EULAR journal. It therefore seems appropriate at this moment to give some information to the readership about the performance of the journal during its first year as the EULAR journal. Our goals have been, and will continue to be, to produce a high quality scientific journal as well as a usable source of educational information. The marriage between EULAR and the BMJ Publishing Group has proved to be a happy one, providing great support towards reaching these goals. In the past year the circulation of the journal and the readership have increased impressively. In addition, the BMJ Publishing Group has guaranteed good technical support and fruitful contacts with the editorial teams of other specialist journals. In the year 2000 the number of manuscripts submitted was higher than ever, being well over 500. The acceptance rate has stayed around 35%, reflecting the efforts of the editorial team to maintain high scientific quality.

      To mention a few highlights of the past year: the “Series on education” was well received, and the supplement on “Advances in targeted therapies II” was timely and of great interest to the clinical and scientific community. For scientific journals this era is a fascinating one because of the rapidly changing possibilities in communication, including the internet. In this respect theAnnals is “up to date”, having its own web site and being fully readable and searchable on the web. Furthermore, the editorial team is keen to monitor new developments in this area for the benefit of the journal and its readership.

      With an established annual congress and its own journal, EULAR is now prepared for rheumatology in the third millennium. The executive committee of EULAR and the editorial team of theAnnals of the Rheumatic Diseases wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay at the second annual EULAR congress in Prague.

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