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Salivary eicosanoid concentration in patients with Sjögren's syndrome.
  1. M Tishler,
  2. I Yaron,
  3. A Raz,
  4. F A Meyer,
  5. M Yaron
  1. Department of Rheumatology, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv-Sourasky Medical Centre, Israel.


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate eicosanoid concentrations in the saliva of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS). METHODS: Whole mixed saliva of 36 subjects was assayed for eicosanoid concentrations using a radioimmunoassay. Patients with primary SS having positive lip biopsy served as the study group; their results were compared with data from patients with dry mouth and negative lip biopsy (dry mouth group), and with a group of normal healthy controls. RESULTS: Concentrations of thromboxane B2 were significantly (p < 0.01) increased in 18 patients with primary SS compared with 10 patients with dry mouth and eight healthy normal controls (1.95 (SD 0.51) ng/ml saliva compared with 0.52 (0.1) ng/ml and 0.3 (0.1) ng/ml, respectively). Similarly, prostaglandin E2 concentrations were also significantly increased (p < 0.01) in 11 patients with primary SS compared with five patients with dry mouth and eight normal controls (3.75 (0.82) ng/ml saliva compared with 0.32 (0.1) ng/ml and 0.41 (0.1) ng/ml, respectively). CONCLUSION: Salivary concentrations of eicosanoids are significantly increased in patients with primary SS, and this may prove helpful in the diagnosis of this disease.

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