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Osteoarticular manifestations of pustulosis palmaris et plantaris and of psoriasis: two distinct entities.
  1. O Mejjad,
  2. A Daragon,
  3. J P Louvel,
  4. L F Da Silva,
  5. E Thomine,
  6. P Lauret,
  7. X Le Loët
  1. Department of Rheumatology, Hôpital de Bois-Guillaume, CHU de Rouen, France.


    OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that pustulosis palmaris et plantaris and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are two distinct diseases, and that the associated dermatoses are therefore also distinct diseases. METHODS: We prospectively performed clinical, radiological, biological, and bone scan investigations in 23 outpatients with pustolotic arthritis and 23 outpatients with PsA, matched by gender, age (+/- one year) and duration of arthritis (+/- two years). RESULTS: The anterior chest wall, especially the sternocostoclavicular joints, was more frequently involved in pustulotic arthritis than in PsA, both clinically (82% v 43%; p < 0.001) and radiologically (47% v 17%; p < 0.05). Sternocostoclavicular joints generally presented with erosive lesions in PsA, and with large ossifications in pustulotic arthritis. Peripheral joint involvement was mono- or oligoarticular, affecting proximal joints, in pustulotic arthritis (74% v 21%; p < 0.01), and polyarticular, involving small distal joints, in PsA (60% v 0%; p < 10(-4)), in which condition it was also more often erosive (43% v 8%; p < 0.01). The frequency of sacroiliitis and of spine involvement was similar in pustulotic arthritis and PsA. Biology and bone scan did not help distinguish between the two groups. CONCLUSIONS: Pustulotic arthritis and PsA are clinically and radiologically different, therefore pustulosis palmaris et plantaris and psoriasis are most probably distinct dermatological diseases.

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