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Clinical evolution of sacral stress fractures: influence of additional pelvic fractures.
  1. P Peris,
  2. N Guañabens,
  3. F Pons,
  4. R Herranz,
  5. A Monegal,
  6. X Surís,
  7. J Muñoz-Gómez
  1. Hospital Clinic i Provincial, Barcelona, Spain.


    OBJECTIVES--To evaluate the clinical evolution of sacral stress fractures in relation to the scintigraphic pattern and the presence of additional pelvic fractures. METHODS--This was a retrospective study of 14 patients with sacral fractures. RESULTS--Six patients had additional pelvic fractures. Four bone scintigraphic patterns were found. The resolution of symptoms was longer in patients with associated pelvic fractures (30 weeks v three weeks). No relation was found between the bone scintigraphic pattern and the time of evolution. CONCLUSION--Associated pelvic fractures delay the resolution of symptoms in patients with sacral fractures, regardless of scintigraphic pattern.

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