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Neurogenic bladder due to peripheral neuropathy and a visual disturbance in an elderly man with systemic lupus erythematosus.
  1. T Wada,
  2. H Yokoyama,
  3. K Ikeda,
  4. N Tomosugi,
  5. K Kobayashi
  1. First Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Kanazawa University, Japan.


    A 63 year old man with central nervous system lupus with a neurogenic bladder and visual disturbance is described. The diagnosis of neurogenic bladder, attributed to peripheral neuropathy, was made on the basis of cystometrography and clinical symptoms. A brain magnetic resonance imaging scan showed gliosis along the cerebral vessels and the optic nerve. This case shows that systemic lupus erythematosus can be accompanied by a peripheral neurogenic bladder and visual disturbance, and that these symptoms may not improve despite the amelioration of other lupus symptoms on treatment with steroids.

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