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Influence of C4 null alleles on C4 activation in systemic lupus erythematosus.
  1. D C Briggs,
  2. G Senaldi,
  3. D A Isenberg,
  4. K I Welsh,
  5. D Vergani
  1. Tissue Typing Laboratory, Guy's Hospital, London.


    Deficiencies of early components of the classical complement pathway are known to be associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). C4 null alleles, C4A Q0 and C4B Q0, are prime candidates for the major histocompatibility complex associated factor which determines susceptibility to SLE. There is poor correlation, however, between the presence of low concentrations of C4 and possession of C4 null alleles, and thus the basis of the association between C4A Q0, C4B Q0 and SLE remains obscure. The possibility that activation of C4 may be related to the possession of C4 null alleles was examined. C4 phenotypes were investigated, and C4 concentration and activation were estimated in patients with SLE. C4 activation was determined by measuring the concentration of C4d--a split product of C4. Twenty five of 35 patients had C4 phenotypes which include null alleles. No association between low C4 concentrations and C4 null alleles was found, but a significant association between low C4d concentrations and C4 phenotypes including null alleles, particularly those with C4A Q0, was noted. No correlation between concentrations of C4 and C4d was found. These results show an influence of C4 null alleles on the activation of the C4 molecule, which is independent of the concentration of C4. The possession of silent genes coding for C4 null alleles might predispose to SLE by conditioning poor C4 activation, a critical event for the clearance of immune complexes mediated by the classical complement pathway.

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