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Association between HLA-DR antigens and rheumatoid arthritis in Arabs.
  1. M A Sattar,
  2. M al-Saffar,
  3. R T Guindi,
  4. T N Sugathan,
  5. K Behbehani
  1. Department of Medicine, Kuwait University, Safat, Arabian Gulf.


    Eighty five Arab patients with classical and definite rheumatoid arthritis were typed to determine the prevalence of HLA A, B, C, and DR antigens. A significant increase in the prevalence of HLA-A10, B8, B21, and DR3 was found in comparison with a control population matched for age and sex. HLA-DR5 was significantly decreased in the patient group. The classical association of HLA-DR4 with rheumatoid arthritis could not be confirmed in the Arab patients resident in Kuwait, supporting reported observations in different ethnic groups of associations with HLA antigens other than HLA-DR4 and indicating a heterogeneous genetic susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis.

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