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Factors associated with severity of symptoms in patients with chronic unexplained muscular aching.
  1. E Kolar,
  2. A Hartz,
  3. A Roumm,
  4. L Ryan,
  5. R Jones,
  6. E Kirchdoerfer
  1. Department of Family and Community Medicine, Milton S Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University, Hershey.


    Subjects with chronic, diffuse, unexplained muscular aching were recruited--21 from a primary care practice, nine from a rheumatology practice, and two from a pain clinic. No additional criteria were used to select subjects. Subjects with mild or moderate symptoms differed from those with severe symptoms with respect to the following characteristics: the presence of fatigue on awakening, the number of tender points, difficulty in sleeping, and the degree of tenderness in typical fibromyalgia areas as measured by a dolorimeter. These findings suggest that muscular aching is likely to be of greater severity if other symptoms or signs of fibromyalgia are also present.

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