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Extensive cerebral infarction due to involvement of both anterior cerebral arteries by Wegener's granulomatosis.
  1. J Satoh,
  2. N Miyasaka,
  3. T Yamada,
  4. T Nishido,
  5. M Okuda,
  6. T Kuroiwa,
  7. R Shimokawa
  1. First Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.


    The central nervous system is often affected in Wegener's granulomatosis (WG), but massive cerebral infarction due to occlusion of branches of the anterior cerebral arteries (ACA) by granulomatous lesions or thrombosis, or both, has seldom been reported. A case is reported here of a 67 year old man with WG complicated by generalised necrotising vasculitis in the lung, kidney, and gastrointestinal tract, and cerebral infarction in the territory of both anterior cerebral arteries, probably caused by thrombosis and a contiguous invasion of granulomatous lesion from the nasal cavity.

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