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Myopathy in Addison's disease.
  1. F Mor,
  2. P Green,
  3. A J Wysenbeek


    Since the first description of primary adrenocortical insufficiency by Thomas Addison in 1855 several large series of patients with Addison's disease have been published. The common signs and symptoms include: weakness, hyperpigmentation, weight loss, gastrointestinal complaints, and hypotension. It is rare for patients with Addison's disease to present with musculoskeletal symptoms including flexion contractures, hyperkalaemic neuromyopathy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, migratory myalgia, sciatica-like pain, and low back pain. Myopathy has not been previously described in Addison's disease. Herein we report a patient presenting with severe hyponatraemia and myopathy which resolved after steroid replacement therapy.

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