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HLA-DR expression by labial minor salivary gland tissues in Sjögren's syndrome.
  1. H M Moutsopoulos,
  2. J J Hooks,
  3. C C Chan,
  4. Y A Dalavanga,
  5. F N Skopouli,
  6. B Detrick


    Minor salivary gland biopsy specimens from patients with Sjögren's syndrome (primary and secondary) and from normal controls were examined with the four step biotin-avidin-immunoperoxidase assay. The composition of the infiltrating cells was similar in patients with both primary and secondary Sjögren's syndrome, consisting primarily of T lymphocytes with predominance of T helper/inducer cells. B lymphocytes (Leu-14) were approximately 20-35% of the infiltrating lymphocytes, while only a few OKM1 (monocytes/macrophages) cells and Leu-7+ (natural killer; NK) cells were observed. The majority of infiltrating lymphocytes expressed HLA-DR antigens. In the biopsy specimens of the controls there were no infiltrates; the scattered lymphocytes, however, were also predominantly T lymphocytes. Finally, the glandular epithelial cells (ducts and acini) were inappropriately expressing HLA-DR antigens, in contrast with controls where minimal HLA-DR expression was found.

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