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Association of different HLA antigens with various toxic effects of gold salts in rheumatoid arthritis.
  1. M Hakala,
  2. A H van Assendelft,
  3. J Ilonen,
  4. S Jalava,
  5. A Tiilikainen


    An association of gold induced proteinuria with HLA-D(R)3 has been reported. To investigate other possible relationships between gold toxicity and HLA antigens we studied 85 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) divided into four subgroups: patients with gold induced interstitial pneumonitis, mucocutaneous lesions, proteinuria, and patients without gold toxicity. The HLA frequencies in patient groups and 283 healthy controls were compared in different pairwise combinations. Gold induced pneumonitis was associated with HLA-B40 and Dw1. An association between gold induced proteinuria and HLA-Dw3 was also seen. The increased prevalence of Dw4 in RA was observed only in the control patient group without gold induced side effects. The frequencies of HLA-B7 and Dw2 were decreased in all patient groups compared with the control population. These results further support the view of the heterogeneity of RA as manifested by the unique HLA associations with resistance and susceptibility to gold induced side effects characterising different subgroups.

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