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Pyrophosphate arthropathy in the carpal and metacarpophalangeal joints.
  1. M Bourqui,
  2. T L Vischer,
  3. P Stasse,
  4. C Docquier,
  5. G H Fallet


    The hand x-rays of group of patients with generalised osteoarthrosis alone were compared with those patients with generalised osteoarthrosis and chondrocalcinosis (CC). An arthropathy seemingly specific for CC could be identified in the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) and carpal joints. In the MCP joints it was characterised by subchondral rarefactions, deviation of the joint axis, joint space narrowing, and osteophytosis. Usually only the second and/or third MCP joints are affected. In the carpal joints similar subchondral cysts, sometimes associated with joint space narrowing, were found much more frequently in the group with CC. There was no direct relation with the presence of calcification.

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