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Effects of antirheumatoid drugs on the production and action of porcine catabolin.
  1. H Sheppeard,
  2. L M Pilsworth,
  3. B Hazleman,
  4. J T Dingle


    We report the effects of some common antirheumatic drugs on the production of catabolin from synovium and on its action on cartilage. A method is described to generate reproducible amounts of catabolin from synovial mince. Aspirin, Clozic (ICI 55,897), and gold were without effect on the catabolin system. Penicillamine at high doses enhanced the action of catabolin, while chloroquine inhibited catabolin's effect on cartilage. Prednisolone inhibited the production of catabolin without affecting its action. This inhibition was produced by very low doses of prednisolone (25 ng/ml) and was dose-dependent.

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