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Maintenance chrysotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis: a comparison of 2 dose schedules.
  1. A J Griffin,
  2. T Gibson,
  3. G Huston,
  4. A Taylor


    Maintenance treatment with chrysotherapy was given to 44 rheumatoid patients after a total of 1.0 g weekly injections of sodium aurothiomalate. 21 patients continued with 50 mg injections every 2 weeks, and 23 patients received the same dose at 4-week intervals. Their progress was followed over 1 year, after which time their clinical improvements were equally well sustained. Toxicity was greater in those patients receiving fortnightly injections. Five patients suffered a relapse after 8 months. These were not related to the frequency of injections nor to the serum gold levels. There appeared to be no advantage in maintenance injections at fortnightly intervals.

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