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Gold binding to blood cells and serum proteins during chrysotherapy.
  1. R J van de Stadt,
  2. B Abbo-Tilstra


    The binding of gold to peripheral erythrocytes and serum protein fractions was studied during chrysotherapy of 1 to 2 years' duration in 43 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In 45% of the patients more than 10% of the gold was found to be strongly bound to blood cells. 5--15% of the metal is bound to non-albumin protein fractions at serum gold concentrations larger than 2 microgram/ml. In contrast to the cellular binding of gold the relative binding of gold to non-albumin proteins was inversely proportional to the serum concentrations. Binding to neither blood cells nor to non-albumin protein fractions was found to be correlated with clinical parameters.

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