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Personality in frozen shoulder
  1. A. Fleming,
  2. Sally Dodman,
  3. T. C. Beer,
  4. S. Crown
  1. Departments of Rheumatology of Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow
  2. Middlesex Hospital, London
  3. Northampton and Kettering District Hospitals
  4. Department of Psychiatry, London Hospital


    Fleming, A., Dodman, S., Beer, T. C., and Crown, S. (1976).Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 35, 456-457. Personality in frozen shoulder. Fifty-six patients with frozen shoulder have had their personality profiles investigated by means of the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire. Females showed significantly increased somatic anxiety compared with controls. It is suggested that this may be important both to aetiology and treatment. Males and females should be assessed separately in future studies of frozen shoulder.

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