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Ectopic calcification around joints of paralysed limbs in hemiplegia, diffuse brain damage, and other neurological diseases.
  1. A J Rosin


    Mechanical deformity associated, with neurological disease is commonly encountered in the form of contractures, or pre-existing arthritis. Less common is the occurrence of ectopic calcification around the joints of a paralysed limb. Two forms of this are presented in a series of twenty patients. Para-articular calcification with the appearance of myositis ossificans around large joints of the affected limbs occurred most often. The interior of the joints was not affected, nor was there evidence of bony injury. In some cases, however, the excessive outgrowth of bone around the joint eventually resulted in a functional ankylosis by a uniting bar of bone outside the joint. The second form of calcification was periosteal, which unlike the first type was resorbed and left an area of cortical bony thickening.

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